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Sweethearts of Song

Skylark CD


Norah Long — soprano
Peter Halverson — baritone
Steve Stucki — accompaniment

Skylark Opera proudly announces the release of its first CD, Sweethearts of Song: The Songs of Jeanette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy, as re-interpreted by Norah Long and Peter Halverson, accompanied by Steve Stucki.

Listen to Samples

  1. Sweethearts
  2. Indian Love Call
  3. Dear Little Café
  4. I’ll See You Again
  5. Wanting You
  6. One Kiss/Stout-Hearted Men/Lover Come Back to Me (medley)
  7. She Didn’t Say Yes
  8. The Desert Song
  9. Only a Rose
  10. Love Me Tonight
  11. Sympathy
  12. The Merry Widow Waltz
  13. Ah, Sweet Mystery of Life
  14. Italian Street Song
  15. My Hero
  16. Will You Remember

CD Recording: $15.95 (+ $3.00 S&H; in MN, + 7.275% tax)

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